Gygaxian Star Wars: Random Idea Dump

Some random ideas for your perusal:
  • Exercising force abilities requires a CON check modified by character experience level
  • Players check to see if their characters will be "force sensitive" at chargen (and thus eligible to be Adepts, Jedi or Sith)
  • Rogues and Bounty Hunters are assigned a random (d3) underworld connections at chargen
  • All characters speak/write Basic plus a local language (+ INT mod random spoken languages)
  • Protocol droids are the exception to the above -- they speak/write 3d6 random languages and can acquire many more in-game
  • Most weapons have alternate damage rolls for Organic and Mineral targets
  • Jedi and Sith have the option to parry energy blasts with their lightsabers, effectively improving their AC but reducing their chance to land a hit next round
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M.P. suggests:
changing saving throw vs. psionics to vs. force.
The Force vs Psionics
The approach to Force abilities in GSW is essentially

Force:Psionics :: Fire:Pyrotechnics

Force is the medium, and Jedi/Sith use psionics to manipulate it. Use the Force = Use your latent psychic power. 


  1. Sounds cool. Regarding the Protocol Droids languages instead of just starting with a set amount how about they can make a roll when exposed to an alien language and if they succeed they know that language (the language is then noted on their sheet), if I recall 3PO spoke thousands of languages... just a thought!

    1. That's a great idea, Bill. We will run with that.

  2. How about a mandatory roll to determine gender?

    That way there would be more than two women in the universe who aren't sex-slaves or singers.

    Why versus CON? I would think Perception or Charisma or even Intellect would be better.

    When parrying Energy blasts can the Jedi redirect the shots? Or is that purely prequel stuff?

    1. Gender rolls? Well as long as we can randomize boob-size I'm down... :)

      Why CON? Because in many cases force-users seem to be exhausted after doing something particularly strenuous. Ex: Yoda showing up Luke by raising his x-wing out of the swamp in Episode V leaves him spent despite all that "mind over matter" talk. Or Luke straining to draw his saber out of the ice on Hoth.

      PER could definitely come into play with the telepathic end of Force abilities, though. As would CHA when employing the old Mind Trick.

      Redirecting blasts with a saber should be possible once the Jedi/Sith reaches a certain level of experience. The mechanic could be triggered by the enemy fumbling his attack roll.

  3. How about, using the Force costs 1 HP per use?