Gorgonmilk's Top 5 Half-Baked Projects +Moebius He-Man Design

5... 4... 3... 2...

Eldritch forces compel me to share today.

I am sitting on a mental pile of unfinished projects that are slowly being demoted into false starts and will eventually collapse into mental/computer data-oblivion.

Several of these things are shared and/or open community projects. I am a worrier by persuasion and you have no idea how much thought-space is devoted to 

"When are you going to break out the pipe and get back to work on that [insert working title] project? You are waay letting the People of the Interwebs down, bro."

Yes. Yes I am.

It's complicated and I have d6 excuses:
  1. Work is draining my life-force.
  2. I am on a gf regimen that includes lots of dinners, sex, and Beastmaster-watching. (As in the movie with Mark Singer.* NOT AN OBSCURE ALLUSION TO BESTIALITY, ALBERT.*)  Actually ferrets are present for most of this.
  3. I try to have my son over on weekends b/c he goes to school where his mom lives.
  4. I am reading at least 12 novels/anthologies/non-fiction/magazines/pdfs/cbrs right now at random intervals.
  5. I'm fucking around with Adobe Photoshop M7 and can't be bothered apparently. (What a douche.)
  6. I am researching some bizarre bit of ephemera for unknown and possibly occult reasons.
And -- for the record -- these are the projects we would like to devote time to *FOR NOW*

1) XOTHIQUE RPG I'm ashamed that I've allowed this Clark Ashton Smith inspired setting book(s?) to wither for so long. I owe it to the netizenry to at least produce a modest booklet replete with weird artwork fo' free.

2)  ALIEN TYPES A menagerie of space beings for Carcosa campaigns with supplementary material devoted to New Classes and Alien Logic Tables.

3) GYGAXIAN STAR WARS RPG [See blog sidebar] It needs to finish gestating and get out of my bloated brain fart organ-sacs. I seem to be blocked up with my approach to combat. Maybe I should just omit that and focus on rules for technological weapons and gear?

4) VANCIAN MIII A memory cell chart approach to a magic-user's mental storage. There are problems with the system as-is that have not been resolved.

5) REPUBLISHING/revising my QUANTIQUE setting.

MOEBIUS design for HE-MAN/MOTU [1986?]



  1. I am using the memory cell system in play.

    What problems do you speak of?

    1. I'm not entirely certain but I feel that something is missing.

      How has the mem cell system worked in your games? Do you include magical items endowed with memory storage capacity?

    2. it has worked well. the downside is using paper? a list of spells and their shapes is on the campaign wiki.
      if you're curious.

      I have not used any cell expanding magic items.

  2. If that sort of thing interests you, there's a Xothique supplement for d20 hosted at Eldritch Dark.


  3. You're not the only one with more projects on the go than is entirely sensible. I can certainly fall prey to this. One thing I've found that has helped me, not so much with juggling multiple projects so much as dealing with one at a time, is this entry from the Chatty DM.

    1. Wow, yeah "nerd projectitis" accurately sums up the problem.

  4. Inspirational Star Wars viewing: