Community Project: D12 Sources of Magical Energy

Briefly: A random table of magical founts whence a magic-user derives his or her power. These Sources are persons/places/things that radiate raw, mystical and idiosyncratic forms of magical energy (or phlogiston). The magic-user draws power from a Source like the mosquito that draws blood from a larger form of life.

1. Contribute by commenting to this post.

2. Name and describe your Source and tell where it might be found (physically or otherwise).

3. Provide us with an example of a spell, ritual or other magical effect that your Source could provide the energy for.

4. Also provide us with a link to your blog.

D12 Roll
Ziggurat of Zeerthos
The Fallen Star
 The 37th Stone of Aea
The Iron Heart
The Tail'ngs
The Seven Syrinxes of the Sylphs

The Gibbering Sea

Kourous Sarkophagus
The Living Chasm
Dyson Logos

3. The 37th Stone of Aea: A massive, sentient pylon floating in the Black Spiral Refuge. Magic-users who sleep upon its damp, mossy surface can telepathically enter the mind of of the stone and access its (possibly limitless) memories. These memories include a vast archive of eldritch and potentially perilous magics. Magic-users must be wary of the phantoms that haunt the stone’s mind. Delving too deep and running afoul of one of these figments could render the magic-user a mindless husk. Phantoms trade such husks and use them as “clothing” to enter the Material Plane. SPELL: Contemplation of the Boundaries of Physical Forms (6th). By means of this spell the magic-user can absorb other creatures into his or her body, often leading to grotesque results. Absorption includes the memories and knowledge of the target. A successful save indicates that the target is constitutionally incompatible with the magic-user – in which case both parties take 1d6 points of damage. [G. Gorgonmilk]


  1. 6. The Tail'ngs: A garish field of compacted sediment and incandescent glass lying up in the Lower Podia, easily found for the unnatural aurorae and frequent energetic strikes it draws down, and for the eerie glow across the region after dusk. Channels are vitrified in the sediment along the paths of the strikes, creating freestanding glass coils over time as the surrounding material weathers to corrosive dust, these coils themselves collapsing in turn. By some property of the sediment the eldritch energy of each strike remains trapped within and a single fine shard is a powerful wellspring. Even to enter the field is to invite fundamental reconfiguration. AFFLUX: Caustic Flare. The shard emits in a single flash a glowing sheet, more freely shaped by an experienced wielder, of 1' sq. per ounce of shard which heavily degrades matter and does 1d6 damage per 1 sq. ft. of contact. [Porky]

  2. Not so much a source, but an amplifier..

    4. Eduxshvara - the Crone's Soup Stone

    The mausoleum stood empty but for a few broken chests and the enthroned corpse, its face withered into a mocking leer.
    Possessed of a mind for desecration Jacobus turned towards the throne. And stopped.
    Settled amidst the decayed ruin of the dead king's belly sat a stone. Carved mouths covered its multifaceted black surface, and in the flickering light of Jacobus' torch they seemed to gulp at the air like suffocating fish.
    “Consume us”, they whispered. “Consume us, and in turn your enemies shall be consumed by the void.”
    Kneeling before the throne, Jacobus pushed his hands into the crumbling mess of preserved entrails, raising the stone before his face. The guttering torch by his side danced over the mouths as he opened his own.
    “Consume us...”

    Roughly two inches in diameter, the stone will be found in the belly of a desiccated corpse or skeletal remains. They may be surrounded in glory, squalor, self-imposed imprisonment, the Eduxshvara's potential can take many paths. But when found the result is always the same.
    Upon discovering the stone a Magic-User will hear its whispered promise of power, and if unwilling, must save vs Magic to resist.
    Once swallowed the stone will settle in the Magic-User's stomach, who from then on will need to eat at least 3 meals per day to appease it. For every 2 meals the Magic-User misses, the stone will devour 1hp worth of their flesh from within, with the cacophonous whispers only they can hear providing fair warning. (“feedusfeeduswe'rehungrysohungry...”)
    Every time the Magic-User casts a spell, there is a 10% chance of the stone acting as a conduit, causing an enhanced effect agreed upon by both the Referee and player. In general this could be something as simple as double duration/area/damage, but if a 1 is rolled something pretty spectacular should happen. This chance is increased by 5% if they eat immediately before casting, 10% if it is the flesh of someone of the same race, and another 10% if it is the flesh of something inherently magical. (So a human Magic-User eating the flesh of another human Magic-User before casting has a 35% chance of the stone acting as a conduit)
    Each time it acts as a conduit, the stone will consume the Magic-Users essence over the following week, effectively aging them by one year. This is not painful, and unless they are actively checking themselves the player should not even be given a hint of what is happening until they have aged by at least 5 years. The stone will not willingly leave its host, and a player trying to remove it will soon discover it has increased in mass since they first swallowed it.
    (“Are we not kind? Live on with us..”)
    Once the Magic-User has aged by 10 years, regardless of level, the stone will confide the secret of the Drowning Kiss.
    The Magic-User can steal the vitality of any other intelligent being, regaining 1d4 years of life per HD of the being, turning them into a putrescent mess in the process. However, this requires them to be alive and helpless for 2 rounds per HD, so it is not often a wise thing to try in combat. But if they were sleeping...

    My blog is at lastgaspgrimoire dot com, but it isn't running just yet. Soon though.

  3. Ziggurat of Zeerthos

    In the desert of Phastia, legends speak of an unliving figure of a previous age, existing to spread vile lore. Getting to the ziggurat is the first step, next the would be acolyte must find the room that is said to hold the corpse of a pharoah's forgotten court wizard, most often depicted as a Mummy or a Shadow. The building is filled with traps and illusions and the supplicant cannot cast spells inside the ziggurat so one must be wise and daring enough to survive.

    It is rumoured that those that find the hidden room with Zeerthos' sarcophagus, will find it filled with not just treasures from many ages, but the dead bodies of failed female supplicants, kept for his bizarre pleasures.

    Nobody knows what the acolyte must promise to this dark figure, but they must whisper their oath and in return they are granted visions of
    the spell rituals. If stories hold true, the acolyte stays in the ziggurat for at least ten days to complete their vile spell copying, and are ready once they emerge.

    The followers of Zeerthos can visit the ziggurat multiple times as there is an insight to be gained by repeat visits. But the path the applicant follows in the ziggurat is different each time, and each journey into the ziggurat must be at least ten years from the
    last time. Spell insights 1,2, or 3 can be gained the first three times, but Undeath mastery is always the last to be learned and only if the previous three have been mastered.

    Possible Spell Insights

    1. Water Spells (Maximum of 8 spell levels of rituals involving summoning or controlling elementals)

    2. Illusion Spells (Maximum of 12 spell levels of rituals involving illusions)

    3. Fire Spells (Maximum of 6 spell levels of rituals involving fire, flames or elementals)

    4. Mastering Undeath Spells (3 spells involving the undead of 5th level or higher)

    My Blog: http://discretedice.blogspot.ca/

  4. 12. The Living Chasm

    During the great war against the elves, many potent magics were unleashed, including a massive Stone to Flesh spell that transformed an entire chasm in the badlands into a living mass of flesh, teeth, eyes and mouths. No one knows if the chasm was sentient from that point onwards, but today it is a vicious and unpleasant sage and source of strange knowledge for those who are willing to deal with it and trust it to keep it's side of the bargain (and not eat the petitioner in the process).

    Further, there are those that have learned to tap the mighty life force and ancient knowledge of the chasm (most with, but some without it's willing permission).

    Spell - Unravel Flesh
    Level 5
    Range: touch

    The touched target's flesh unravels from his body, tearing skin away, then baring the target's skeletal structure in one horrible unwinding motion. The target dies instantly unless he makes a successful save vs Death.

    (Author: Dyson Logos)
    (Blog: Dyson's Dodecahedron - http://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com)

  5. 9. The Gibbering Sea

    At the end of the last age, the armies of Law and the hordes of Chaos battled in the valley pass between Ancient Kardmon and the Blasted Heaths. Thousands died, and beleagured chaos wizards unleashed the Sleepless Dust from Beyond the Pale. Reality collapses under the eldritch weight, and the valley vanished, leaving behind a crater hundreds of miles in diameter and scores of yards in depth. In the centuries since, rain, run off from snowcapped peaks, et cetera, have filled the crater with icy water stained black by the impure earth of the crater. When the ebon waters bubble and lap on the shore, the sounds of countless voices gibbering in sorrow can be heard.

    Chaotic spellcasters who survive on nothing but the Gibbering Sea's foul waters in the surrounding wilderness for a fortnight can tap into the unholy power of the crater. (Those that don't survive are seldom seen again, but a few wander back to civilization irrevocably insane.)

    A chaotic spellcaster who has tapped into the Gibbering Sea's power selects his spells as normal for his class. He can, however, select one spell of a level no higher than one less his maximum allowed spell level from another class's spell lists by praying to the sea's essence. For example, a cleric that can cast 1st- and 2nd-level spells could select a 1st-level magic-user spell, and a magic-user able to cast up to 3rd-level spells could select a 1st- or 2nd-level cleric spell.

    Bloglink: http://spesmagna.com/

  6. The Fallen Star

    A diamond the size of a child's fist, faceted in such a way as to make looking into it a dizzying, self-annihilating experience. Anyone who gazes into it must save (vs. Spells or Will, whichever is applicable to your system) or suffer the effects of a Confusion spell until the Fallen Star is removed from his sight. However, whether Confused or not, the gazer may also ask questions exactly as if he had cast a Contact Other Plane spell. Chaotic creatures or characters who gaze into the Fallen Star must additionally save vs. Death (or Will) or suffer the effects of a Bestow Curse spell. The chaotic creature or character may choose instead to change alignment to Lawful (as if undergoing Atonement) in order to avoid the Curse. Currently, the Fallen Star is hidden deep underneath the Temple of the Celestial Rainbow, guarded by the secretive priests and monks of that Lawful order.

    The Fallen Star acts as a bridge between the furthest reaches of the Cosmos and the material world. If a Gate spell (or any other spell which connects the material world with other planes) is cast through the Fallen Star, it will automatically be successful, no matter which entity is the target, and no matter what blocks that entity has against appearing in the material world. There may be other effects from this primal connection that the Fallen Star has with the outer void, but these could only be found through intensive research, which is forbidden by the Order of the Celestial Rainbow.

    Blog: http://ongoingcampaign.blogspot.com/

    1. Almost forgot:

      When it first arrived in the world, it fell from the sky, its impact creating an enormous explosion that destroyed a province of the Old Empire (leading to the fall of that august state) and formed the Skyfall Lake, at the center of which is Skyfall Island. The Fallen Star was found at the highest point of Skyfall Island.

  7. Kourous Sarkophagus

    Legends tell of an ancient artifact named the the Korurous Sarkophagus. The device was crafted by a powerful sorceress-queen who used it to maintain her rule over the Oasis city. Tales are unreliable but all agree that the device granted her the ability to craft mighty spells and be in two places at once. No one can say why her city fell, or what happened to this queen and her wondrous device. Some say the water dried up and she dies in the midst of a starving city, others say she was betrayed by her generals. Whatever the truth may be, it lies somewhere in the cold sandy wastes that lie north of the great mountains.

    The Kourous Sarkophagus is an elaborate stone standing coffin that is carved out of the rock of the Queen's large desert palace. It stands as her throne and her tomb. It is from this device that she ruled her city, sending out a duplicate golem of herself while her actual body resided here helpless and attended by servants. It cannot be moved without destroying the delicate mechanisms and enchantments that power it. The brave magic user that enters the device will immediately be transfixed with hundreds of slender spikes all over their body and will not be able to leave the coffin unless they are dead. They will require food and drink three times or more the normal amount and have a particular craving for blood in particular. The device will take care of their other bodily needs. The coffin has two long stone arms that can be controlled by the occupant with great precision and strength. The arms are used for manipulating objects in the room, feeding and defense. The arms can also have tiny needles in them capable of draining blood (roll as if they are stirges).

    Once they have merged with the Sarkpohagus, a magic user will immediately gain the ability to cast spells as if they were one level above their current maximum and will gain the corresponding additional number of hit/spell points or spell slots appropriate to to the game system. They will also gain the ability to send out a flesh golem duplicate of themself that can act as their agent in the world. The golem duplicate has the dexterity and appearance of the magic-user but also the strength and abilities of a flesh golem. The caster will be aware of themselves in the throne room as well as in the golem body. They can speak with the golem voice although it is labored and awkward, the golem form also cannot be poisoned, feel pain smell or be put to sleep (although the caster can). The caster is able to cast spells as if they were either in the sarcophagus or as the golem.

    Should the golem body be destroyed, the caster will immediately and permanently lose 1d6 strength/constitution. Another golem will be crafted/grown in 1d6 weeks time, and if there are available fleshy raw materials placed in the appropriate container.

    Blog - http://beacond20.blogspot.com

  8. "The Iron Heart"

    All initiates into the Order of the Iron Heart spend their first years studying the alchemy of metallurgy, in addition to whatever clerical or menial tasks appointed by their Magister. The first true work of magic by an initiate is the creation of their Iron Heart, the Star Regulus, out of iron and other stranger materials. It is with this talisman that they begin the second stage of their training.

    The initiate begins to train with their talisman in preparation for the final rite that completes their training. The first exercises include sensing the location of their talisman without sight. Once this has been mastered, the initiate will then practice sitting across a room from their talisman while visualizing their Star Regulus moving across the floor towards them. This has been mastered when the talisman begins obeying these cognitive commands.

    The final test is a 24 hour Ordeal of keeping their talisman in perfect suspension mid-air under the supervision of the Magister. Once the initiate can manipulate all the gravitational force around their Star Regulus are they ready for the final step the process -- Tuning.

    The process of Tuning begins with the physical restraint of the Initiate-to-be-Adept supine in the ritual chamber. At this point certain Orders allow for numbing drugs or ointments to be applied to the initiate, but tradition dictates that this procedure be performed WITHOUT drugs of any kind so that the initiate's mind is absolutely clear.

    The skin of the breast-bone is sliced open to the sternum, spread and held open with hooks. With the sternum exposed a chisel is applied to bone, shaping a depression deep enough to hold the initiate's Star Regulus. The talisman is then hammered into the depression. Once the installation is complete, the initiate is carefully sown back together, muscle and skin.

    Following the Tuning the initiate is now know as an Adept, a Gyromancer.

    The Order of the Iron Heart has several compounds spread across the land. Entry into its mysteries is always begun at an early age, during adolescence, after some degree of observation by members of the Order that the adolescent is a "Child of Promise" -- some latent magical ability. Adult initiates are rare, but not unheard of -- typically the result of a large sum of silver paid directly to a greedy Magister.

    Example Spell:

    Ahtibat's Scintillating Spear
    The partial incantation of Ahtibat's Scintillating Spear brings forth a crackling shaft of pure energy into the Magician's hand. This "spear" can then be thrust as a melee weapon into any opponent within range. If the spear hits, the Magician can choose to discharge the energy to send the opponent hurtling back.
    The full incantation brings forth what will appear to be a bundle of crackling spears of energy into the Magician's hand. The Magician can then hurl at this at any number of opponent's at range similar to a volley of javelins from a squad of soldiers. These jets of energy also create pulses of gravity on their landing, send the Magician's opponent's flying back.


  9. 7. The Seven Syrinxes of the Sylphs

    When the satyr Aegipous slew the Red Unicorn, he hollowed her horn and made seven Pipes, so large that they could be taken for Organ Pipes or for ivory columns.

    When the Sylphs and other aerial spirits play with the Seven Syrinxes, they modulate the emotions of the Red Unicorn. Each Song is a spell but some Songs can drive mortals crazy.

    You can still find the Seven Syrinxes on the forgotten Cliff of the Seven Echoes. Some Unicorns still want to retrieve the Syrinxes and bury the Horn. There are Banshees who believe that the Seven Syrinxes could increase their powers.

    The Initiates of the Seven Syrinxes can be magic-users, aeromancers or bards.

    1st Level Spell: The Dirge of Sighs and Longing

    This is usually the first spell which comes from this source of Magic and it often backfires on the caster. The target becomes melancholic and full of grief toward the death of the Red Unicorn. Deaf people and albinos felines always make their save.


  10. 10. The Grim Octahedron of Marluu.

    The milky jade swirls and fluctuates like rapidly changing weather trapped within the eight facets of this peculiar object of sorcerous power. It is not of this world. Indeed, it is not of any world. It is unnatural. It is unreal.

    The Grim Octahedron hovers above the ground, independent of gravity, morality or eschatology. It is timeless and outside the currents of events of limited, material existence. But it observes. It watches. It interferes, at times. In it's own way.

    Each facet of the Octahedron corresponds to eight 'Elements' that have nothing to do with the so-called classical scheme of Fire-Air-Water-Earth or the less common Steam-Ooze-etc. paradigms promulgated by decrepit sages in fetid basements. In truth no one has managed to catalog all of the 'Contra-Elements' made accessible by the Grim Octahedron...and it is suspected that it grants access to far more than just eight specific energetic forms.

    The Grim Octahedron is most often encountered in dreams, in the midst of fevers, or hallucinations. It intrudes on such things as though attracted to them like a moth to a candle-flame.

    Encountering the Grim Octahedron grants the option to surrender one or more points from a designated attribute (WIS or INT) for access to some obscure, 'contra-mental' energy-source signified by a glyph that is encoded into the initiates' flesh and soul.

    [The Glyph so received allows the spell-caster to access a unique power source that grants a +1 damage bonus to all their spells that is rooted in their affinity to some specific fragment of the particular unrealities caught-up within the Grim Octahedron. New spells of peculiar and obscure natures have a tendency to seep into the dreams of these individuals and they often find themselves slowly losing their sanity or fading out of conventional reality over time.]

    More details may be found within the pages of the Hollow Bronze Grimoire of Marluu.

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