Nightmare Manual

So last night I, the Gorgonmilk, had a REM encounter with what can only be described as a Shark Dragon. Or maybe a Shargon. It happened like this: My dream-self wandered near a deep pool surrounded by barbed wire. I made the mistake of climbing over the barrier. Maybe I was thirsty. The pool, it turns out, was occupied by a weird beast. The thing surfaced as soon as I was near the water. It was like a massive tentacle tipped with a particularly ugly shark-like head, extending from a huge and crusty nautilus shell. The thing seemed less interested in eating me than keeping me there, inside the confines of its fenced pond. Mostly it threatened me with its enormous mouth. I managed to escape when another fool wandered his way over the barbed wire fence and thus became a new target for the Shargon's attentions.

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