Cartographical Fantasy Remix

Take one map from a French edition of Vance's Dying Earth. Flip it horizontally. Scratch off names. Add a bunch of nomenclature from Lord Dunsany's "Idle Days on the Yann" (and other assorted works). Et voila! A campaign map for the new ACKS game I'm working up.

City-States of Ektherana


  1. Fantastic! Keep us posted on what the different countries are like!

  2. Nice - more please! Does this fit in with 8th Planet or Hidden Planet?

    I'd also be interested to hear more about your take on ACKS. I have been intrigued by this system, but not quite enough to pay for it since I already have like ten slightly different versions of D&D.

    1. I got ACKS initially to appease my girlfriend. She hates descending AC, to-hit tables and THAC0. ACKS has ascending AC and uses a to-hit value similar (but not identical to) 3.5. Also the book is designed beautifully. It's attention on the mechanics of the so-called End Game are pretty sweet and improve on those found in the Rules Cyclopedia. I have the PDF and I'm still waiting on the book. Pretty psyched!

      I will likely pillage my notes on Hidden Planet and some other half-formed settings for this one.