Ggmlk’s OSR Loot of Late

Three goodies have been occupying my desktop lately and will likely finds some use in games to come.

Blueholme cover1. Blueholme Prentice Rules. A retro-clone based on the late Dr. Holmes’ re-write of the OD&D rules. I really like the presentation and design of this PDF. It’s simple and attractive and very readable. Oh, and it’s free.

Hercynian Grimoire cover2. Hercynian Grimoire #1. James Mishler is a consistently awesome source of ideas, and this first ish of his new zine is 40+ pages of Mishler goodness. Well worth the 8 clams.

Joundan cover3. Town of Joundan. An oldie from Dimension Six necromantically revived by Mesmerized By Sirens (we love that blog!) You get a pretty sweet town and castle and some dungeons. Now I need more Dimension Six stuff to piece their house setting together!

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