ACKS: Phraint Warrior Class

Who needs halflings?* While I have perused the class creation rules in ACKS' new Player's Companion (which is an awesome resource btw), I can't say as though the following class is precisely balanced or even within the guidelines. Yep. I made it Hargrave-style.

Click the image below to embiggify. This class is (cc) (I think), but the art is used without permission. See Emperor's Choice for all things Arduinian.

*That's rhetorical.


  1. Thank you dude! These guys are exactly what I'm looking for! Need these over the weekend coming up. Rock on!

  2. Nice to see some Arduin stuff getting attention.

  3. How exactly did you knock this together? I've been looking at the Companion, and at guidelines on the forum, but race creation just isn't clicking for me.

    1. Honestly -- I fudged it. I knew that I wanted the Phraint to essentially be a fighter-like class. Hargrave described phraints as magic resistant, so I gave them the thief's saving throw values (somewhat better than the fighter's). To compensate for this I lowered their hit die to d6. That's pretty much it. I too found the class creation chapter to be somewhat over-wrought and complex.

  4. Ah, that's a shame. I love Arduin stuff and ACKS. There are no rules for building Custom Races in the Player's Guide, but Alex has explained more or less how he did it on the forum.

    If I were going to do the Phraint, I would create a package of abilities (their natural armor, magic resistance [I'd probably just give them the dwarven racial save bonuses], acrobatics, innate jumping ability, etc) and figure out the cost and call that Phraint-0. Each additional level of Phraint would give them 1 Fighter Level in the build.
    Phraint-0 (merely innate racial stuff)
    Phraint-1 As above, plus one creation point in Fighting (i.e. fight as a cleric/thief)
    Phraint-2 two points in fighting (fight as a fighter)
    Phraint-3 three points in fighting (fight as a monster)
    Phraint-4 four points in fighting (fight as a hero).
    So a Phraint 2, HD 2 Class would have the benefits of a fighter including full HD, while having an increased xp cost to level based on the racial abilities.