Community Projects: Undead & Hungry

Andrea Uderzo
By my count all you wonderful old school community peoples (plus Gorgonmilk hisself) have four open, very much undead community projects that should nay! need to be finished. Here they are (from most recent to not very recent at all):

  • Arcane Dwellings (d30 table): Twenty-five entries needed.
  • Sources of Magical Energy (d12 table): One entry needed to finish.
  • Magical Insanity (d30 table): Eighteen entries needed. This one was actually almost complete during Gorgonmilk's brief experimentation with Wordpress when he prematurely (like unto a dumb butt) deleted his account there before saving all of your rad entries. Please add to these accumulated horrors so we can finally PDF this greasy pig!
  • Long Guns & Cannibals (a campaign setting): This community project has been sputtering on the back burner for aeons it seems. If any of you want to lay some fresh eyes on the great material that's been assembled thus far start here -- and by all means drop me a line if you want to collaborate on it or just bounce some ideas off on me: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

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