Eldritch Wizardry Recovered

Per Blair of Algol's request, here's OD&D Supplement III, gorgonized. Check out more of Russian artist Ule-Kuole's work here. The piece used on the cover originally appeared on the LP version of Blackdeath's Vortex album. As for my chop-job on Frazetta's "Sacrifice" on the back -- I always imagined that it was the inspiration for Eldritch Wizardry's original cover [see here], but as it turns out Frazetta painted "Sacrifice" in 1980 -- four years after Supplement III was published. So much for my theory.


  1. It's a shame that the WoTC reprints of the OD&D booklets will have new cover art and not like what they did with the AD&D reprints, where there was some version of the original cover art represented. Maybe they thought it was too risque to do so with Eldritch Wizardry.

    1. Perhaps. The raw, amateur style of the original art may have not been to their taste, you know? It doesn't look very professional at all, whereas later editions employed working artists. I think the original art has nostalgic appeal for me and many other potential buyers, so maybe WoTC missed the boat there.