Origin of the name "Ral Partha"

"The company was named after Ral-Partha a particularly successful wizard character created by Tom's young friend John Winkler. The character was a notoriously hard bargainer whose shrewdness was exemplified by the catch phrase "What's it worth to you?" It was hoped that the fledgling company would have similar good fortune. Like their popular line of "3-stage characters," Ral Partha has had a trio of aspects. 

"The first was a Winkler's gaming character, depicted as ES-001 Evil Wizard, casting spell. 

"'Ral' Winkler himself became one of the company's chief casters. [No image available]

"Lastly, 'Ral' was the company's totemic progenitor credited with collaborative projects and depicted as 10–412 Lord of the Balrogs."


  1. I always thought it was a wargamer thing; a cod-Parsi take on "King of Parthia" or similar. Nice to know the actual story.

    1. I assumed it was a fictional place like Rel Astra in Greyhawk.