Missing Gods

Some Notable Vacancies in the 
PETTY GODS meta-pantheon
(Call dibs in comments)
  • Hypnotic/hypnogogue goddess of Nostalgia and Dream-Paralysis 
  • Medusa-Goddess of Sexual Love and Fear (based on goddess on Thomas Denmark cover)
  • Lycanthropic goddess who transforms throughout the year according to Lunar cycles -- from benevolent mother-figure to flesh-hungry she-beast
  • Norn-like trio of goddesses -- mother, maiden and crone (your take)
  • Dual-sided goddess -- one-half very wise and old, other half very young and instinctual/intuitive -- could be two heads at either ends of a serpentine body
  • Lilith-like goddess of the night

Oh, and who are these guys? 


  1. Dibs: Hypnotic/hypnogogue goddess of Nostalgia and Dream-Paralysis

  2. I think you're doing something really, really cool to be resurrecting this project for the community, and clearly doing an awesome job at it. Kudos to you!

    I'd like to submit something, but I'm still looking up what you want to get, and what the submissions are supposed to look like.

    1. Thanks, Matt. Format for deity entries can be found here:


  3. Kind of tempted by No.2 - The Horny Toad. I tend to make my stuff a bit whimsical... if you couldn't guess from the chimp god of fruit.

  4. I guess since I missed out earlier, I would like to take up the mother/maiden/crone concept. Thanks for making this happen; as a recent discoverer of the OSR, this is a great opportunity to get involved.

  5. I'll take the Medusa-Goddess of Sexual Love and Fear.

    AND I'll also take the Dual-sided goddess -- I'm thinking she might have some Ouroboros-like tendencies.

    I'll also take the three stone heads (#5 of the pictures).

  6. Christian Kolbe just took on the lycanthrope goddess.

  7. I think 4 or 5 was meant to be Azwa (petty god of stone heads)

  8. I have been watching this and thinking I should get involved, but have so many projects now.

    Then you said "Lilith-like Goddess of the Night".

    I will take that one please.

  9. I've got number 1 covered. I'll get it to you with the Lotuses by the end of the week.