OD&D SVE Booklet Printed

Kudos to Greyharp and Il Male for the awesome job they did with this re-presentation of the LBBs as a single document. I am really pleased with the way this came together.

FRONT: Frazetta's Kane is the ultimate grognard warrior. Cranky and deathless.

BACK: I love that Dave and Gary are both  wearing their lumberjack shirts. Also check out that hot Frazetta valkyrie. 

INTERIOR: I used a blank numbered hex map because it's utilitarian as well as attractive-looking.

These are 100% cotton pages. Very durable and heavy stock.


  1. Looks fantastic G, I like what you've done with it. :-)

  2. WHOA! That's fuckin badass. How did you manage to staple so many pages? Especially considered they are so heavy paper. I had so hard a time stapling my own printing of Carcosa that I ended up sewing it using grandma's sewing machine. Cover is kind of impressive too, KUDOS!

    1. It took two attempts to get those staples in there. I folded each page separately before putting them together also.

    2. My technique is to get a couple of staples, unfold them, use them to mark the spots on the spine where they'll go, get a push-pin and make the holes (over a soft surface), then push the staples through and fold them over.

      As for pre-folding the pages, I used to do that but have found by not creasing each page individually, but rather folding the whole document in half, there's much less page overhang - the sort of stuff that only a decent guillotine can trim up.

  3. WANT. Where'd you get the file? Hit my gmail with the link, please.

  4. I'll second that "WANT." Please post purchasing details.

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