Petty Goddess Challenge


1. Create a goddess who is NOT related to the natural world*
2. Submit it to Greg Gorgonmilk: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com
3. (Optional) Levitate
4. See your weird lady in PETTY GODS



  1. I just realized new reader that I am that gorgons milk in blog could refer to those D&D beasts that look like iron plated bovines or to Gorgon sisters of Greek myth. Some terrible goddess could be made of that.

    Name: Görgönmjölk
    Symbol: Soot covered smiling head of medusa
    Alignment: Chaotic
    Movement: 120' (40')
    Armor Class: -3
    Hit Points (Hit Dice): 50 hp (12 HD)
    Attacks: 1 by flaming sword
    Damage: 1d8 +4d6 of fire damage and lobs heads of on natural roll 19-20
    Save: F12
    Morale: 10
    Hoard None
    XP: ???

    Goddess of steel hardening looks like medusa covered in layer of soot and ash wielding a flaming sword of extreme sharpness. Looking at her face does not turn anyone to stone as it is obscured by layer of dirt accumulated during millenia of working in forge.

    Reaction table:

    Whispers hoarsely the secret of steel, anyone listening must make INT check, if they succeed they have knowledge to make a vorpal sword. Necessary ingredients must be acquired seperately.

    Demands tribute, 1d6 days of toiling in forge will suffice.

    Angry, will start lobbing heads of if worshipful prostration, begging and ululation does begin immediately.

    1. HA! Gimme a little more description when you submit it, Jonas. Very cool!

  2. I'm currently driving cross country as me and my Fiance are moving to NC from California. But when I get my Desktop back up and running I can stat up the following

    Neco, Minor goddess of poison, chemistry, and Assassination.

    Neco appears as a massive multicolored tree frog. Big as a house and dripping with a substance known to her followers as the gift of death. Neco is worshiped by many different orders of Assassins, and has hidden temples and worship-places in every major city in the world. Many religions which profess to worship good frog gods and goddesses are in fact fronts set up by the worshipers of Neco to hide altars and relics in plain sight.

    Neco is only interested in the affairs of civilized murderers who make use of poisons and chemistry, and provides no aid to butchers, thugs, or barbarians. Her followers pray to her, not for poisons, but for the necessary ingredients to produce their own (neco helps those who help themselves), with the exception of her own special gift of death, a sort of unholy water produced by her skin, or at will by her clerics, which when introduced into the blood stream does 1d6 hp of damage each round the target fails the appropriate save.

    When Neco does deign to manifest in the flesh it is in the form of a massive elaborately and colorfully patterned tree frog with a dripping creamy toxic liquid oozing from its pores. Its tongue is a massive tentacle with the torso, arms, and head of a beautiful woman at its end. She is known to attack by hiding in a tree and dangling her tongue behind a bush or into a pond so as to disguise herself before she sets upon her prey.

    1. Beautiful in its sinister implications. Neco has a place among the 166. Send her along when you have time.

    2. How do you pronounce her name? In my head it sounds like "nay-KO".

    3. I'm finally settled in and I'll write her up Proper. I was thinking Neck-o, but Nay-Ko seems nicer somehow. I picture her as the Lawful goddess of back-alley cutthroats who follow the strict rules of the local assassins guild. I'm rethinking the tongue thing. Although I might keep that as a sort of neco-fied drider...

      Neco remains a petty god since she is both a goddess of civilization, and the goddess of an act that can totally destabilize civilization. So if someone needs a goddess for an extinct alien civilization Neco fits the bill :D

    4. Nice, I can't wait to read about her!