Petty Gods: Design Notes 2

  • We've already got one expatriate English author living in the US working on PETTY GODS, why not invite Clive Barker too? I still have half a dozen feelers to send. So far we're at 2 Fails out of 4 Attempts. Not awful.
  • There's a strong possibility that we will have an appendix devoted to the pantheon of Barsoom, provided by Clovis Clithog and Mike Curtis. Multiple attempts are being made to get in touch with Bob Bledsaw II about permission to use his father's original Wilderlands pantheon (in an adjacent appendix, of course). Some of these deities are NOT petty by any stretch, but I think they make solid supplemental and inspirational material that only adds to the book's desirability.
  • Realistically, PETTY GODS may end up being somewhere near 300 pages.
  • I am devoted to the idea of breaking up PG into LBB-sized booklets after the initial all-in-one pdf/book release. Today I got permission from Steve Goodman to do a DCC version of these booklets as well. Same books essentially, just different stat blocks and dice-referencing in some cases.
  • There will be several, tabloid-style ad pages in the back of PETTY GODS. These will be in the same style as those found in the back of old issues of The Dragon. If you would like to see your product advertised in PG, contact me:
flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

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