Petty Gods: Design Notes

  • I am purposely trying to make Petty Gods look like a throwback to the hardcover TSR books of the 1980s. I realize that many of you -- possibly including posters at YOUR DUNGEON IS TICKLING MY HEMORRHOIDS -- may have some kind of subterranean loathing for nostalgic approaches to design. That must be awful.
  • I'm going to include an Appendix for Divine Items in PETTY GODS. I'll be looking for sentient runeblades, masks, eyes (see Tekumel), caduceus staves, rods, crowns, weird items that are sometimes stationary like plinths, floating thrones and sentient Platonic Solids.
  •  I want as many names on this book as possible. Call me a Pinko but I like having some things owned by everybody. And things that pool creativity like this deserve to be brought into the physical world in one way or the other. 
  • I want this thing to be in single volume PDF first, then POD hardcover/softcover, then I will split it into LBB-sized booklets and post them here for your consumption. Some of you may receive booklets in the post, just because. (I like my pathetic little print shop over here. It makes me feel good.)
  • What if we did UNDERWORLD LORE in the same communal style as PETTY GODS after this?
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  1. Who's the artist on the mockup there?

    1. Ken Barr. I would love his contact info, but I am not even sure if he is still alive and kicking.

  2. Is there a template for writing up these items?

  3. Love that cover mock, I would buy that in a heart beat.