Petty Gods: FORTY to go

Finish up those godlings, authors, before we run out of space.


  1. Tau was mine. Credit Thed Rune.

  2. Hey Drune! Good to see you :)

  3. Hello from me too Drune. You've been missed for sure and I think we badly need ix back as well, with any focus.

    While I'm here I have a small suggestion for the cover. The names form a very attractive curve there at the top, but the first 'C' in 'Moorcock' and the 'Y' of 'Mckinney' interefere a little with the figure in the background. Assuming it's technically possible, and not too late, and it does actually work, maybe the name block could be nudged up just a touch, until the gap to the top edge is more or less the same as the gap to the left edge. The body of the giant snake god - if that's what it is - looks like it would still be clear if that happened.

    Regardless, the cover looks amazing. I love the colour matching and the space the text gives and I keep finding new details in the image itself.

    1. Good points, Porky. I will shrink the fonts slightly.