Petty Gods: Minion Idea + Item Idea

Here are two mini-challenges that I'd like to see make it into the book. If you want to draw or write up either of these, comment below.

MINION CONCEPT: Stair Stalkers as the minions of the Petty God of Stairwells. The sacks of coins they carry are offerings for their master. These coins come as tribute from adventurers, given willfully or taken by force. In PG we'll call them STAIRWELL STALKERS to avoid any potential IP disputes with GW.

UPDATE: Igor Sartorato just called dibs on the Stairwell Stalker entry.

ITEM IDEA: Entries for various types of Lotus: Blue, Black, Green, Jale, Ulfire, White, etc. Certain gods might surround themselves with magical plants of this nature.

UPDATER. J. Thompson has this text covered.


  1. I've got the Lotus covered if you don't mind. I'll do an array of colors with various abilities.

    1. Fantastic! The lotus entry is yours RJ.