Petty Gods: Minions Design Grist


I grew up in the action-figure bloated 1980s and had my fair share of toys based on Saturday morning cartoon shows [or vise verse] like Thundercats, Transformers, Go-Bots, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and of course MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Or simply "He-Man" as it was known to me and my friends.

Years later -- after the fall of the rainbow-barfed Nineties and the dawn of the Internet Age -- I found out that He-Man was originally supposed to be a show about Robert E. Howard's CONAN. This of course got my imagination going back in time and retconning things. What if MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE had been MASTERS OF HYBORIA? And would it be all that different, given the same artists and writers involved?

One of the great things about He-Man is that it was full of really bizarro mooks -- some that existed only in toy form -- like Beastman, Merman, Stinkor, etc., etc. They feared and revered Skeletor -- who was some kind of buff blue lich.

Imagine if the creative content of PETTY GODS inhabited He-Man's world of Eternia. There'd be all kinds of Skeletors. What would their henchmen be like?


  1. Interesting... for my birthday this year I ran Portals of Torsh on LL/B/X. I ran it Saturday morning cartoon style, actually. The party was made up of 8 characters, 4 lawful, 4 chaotic trapped on Torsh after an epic battle against each other they led to their getting sucked into the portal. My buddy played a weirdomancer that was very much a skeletor figure.

  2. You know, I bet the goons at Mattel had a field day coming up with mooks such as Stinkor™, Snout Spout™, and Tung Lashor™.