Petty Gods: The Minions of Godlets

I'm sure there are hundreds of ways in which the minion of a godling might come into existence, but two methods come to mind immediately:

1) The Elevated Cultist -- A particular member of a god's cult is transformed into something not-quite-divine but not of the mortal world either.

2) The Spirit-Ally -- Untold numbers of disembodied phantoms exist in this reality and others. Those loyal to higher spirits -- our godlets for instance -- might be rewarded for their service with material bodies -- essentially vehicles to roam the world of mortals and indulge themselves in physical pleasures.

Using the format we've stuck to for godlings, send me a divine minion for inclusion in PETTY GODS. Minions will appear in their own Appendix.

Send to: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


  1. I have the Cult of the White Shadow that I'll be formatting and emailing in. It includes three different types of cultists; a magic item; a "servitor race" for lack of a better term; and a spirit/abomination that Cultists are rewarded/punished by being turned into...

    1. Yes! Those sounds great, Chuck. Looking forward to receiving them.