Petty Gods: NEW! CROMTEST!

UPDATE: James Mishler stepped up. May he solve the Riddle of Steel and deliver CROM unto us.

Hey I was going over the gods, guys, and I just noticed something. There's

"My whole worldview is collapsing!"

"This means nothing to us!"

Here's what must be done:

First person to e-mail me a message with BY CROM in the subject gets dibs on this challenge/contest hereby dubbed the CROMTEST.

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Here's what Mr Rapidclix needs to do:
  1. Write me an entry with stats for CROM, a god from the ancient land of CIMMERIA where there are BARBARIAN tribes and much grimness.
  2. Make it about six to nine paragraphs, 3+ sentences long ea.
  3. Detail a little known story (invent it) about CROM taken directly from Cimmerian oral histories.
  4. Describe his mountain fastness. It doesn't have to be a tour -- just some flavor.
  5. What does he loathe? Who does he punish? Who does he reward?
  6. Describe his manifestations.
  7. Do not mention CONAN. (The player characters have to be CONAN)
I've been rummaging through my books, and I noticed that I still have two paperback copies of the first volume in Lin Carter's FLASHING SWORDS! anthology. Check it:

So you can guess where I'm going with this -- the author that takes the challenge gets one of those FS#1s. (They're both in pretty great shape.) I'll send it to you via Media Mail next Thursday (April 4).

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