Petty Gods: Open For Divine Item Submissions

Petty Gods Appendix A [maybe C, get back to you on that] is dedicated to Divine Items, the super-mundane version of Magic Items. 

It's all about stuff to equip godlings with and lure greedy adventurer-types.

I'm looking for

  • sentient runeblades 
  • masks
  • eyes (see Tekumel)
  • caduceus staves
  • rods
  • crowns and circlets 
  • weird items that are sometimes stationary like 
    • plinths
    • floating thrones
    • sentient Platonic Solids
Here's an example for formatting purposes:

The Tesseract Agonis (Unique)
Alignment: Neutral
Save: Magic-User 8
XP Value: 20,000

A sentient hypercube of psychic energy, usually found in the service of neutral or lawful gods of magic. It can only be controlled by a superior psychic force or through a potent magical binding. It follows instructions without error and demonstrates absolute fealty to its master.

The Tesseract may remain in a dormant state on the Ethereal Plane for eons until called upon. With effort it can impose itself on other realities for various amounts of time, depending on a particular plane's distance from the Ethereal (judge's discretion). When traveling on the Prime Material Plane it may remain invisible or assume the shape of a shimmering, ever-mutating polyhedron of indeterminate color.

Often employed as a divine assassin, 1d4 times per day the Tesseract can utilize effects that mimic any Power Word spell as if cast by a 20th level magic-user. It flies through the air at 30" per round and can pass through earth, stone and wood but never fire (which disorients it). 


  1. Sigh, I had some stuff for adventures I was working on, now I feel a compulsion to contribute them ;).