Petty Gods: Open For Submissions


The Petty Gods Project lives again

Gorgonmilk has taken the reins of editor/layout chap and he's looking for new deity submissions to add to those being reassembled.

What is "Petty Gods" you ask?
A project originally conceived by Blair of Planet Algol and James Maliszewski of Grognardia. Here's what James had to say when he announced the idea for the book:
...The working title is Petty Gods and it's intended as an homage to Judges Guild's awesome Unknown Gods, which presented 83 minor gods -- complete with stats -- for use in your D&D adventures and campaigns. 
And when I say "minor gods," I mean it: we're talking deities like the goddess of dancing girls, the god of summer storms, and the goddess of deep water fish, among others. That's the vibe I'm aiming for with this project too. If anything, I'd prefer that the divinities in Petty Gods be even more minor, esoteric, and obscure than those in Unknown Gods -- the kinds of beings worshiped only by a handful of devoted (and probably crazed) followers and whose power is limited enough that they could conceivably be offed by a party of appropriately bloody-minded PCs. In short, this is a "Monster Manual" for swords-and-sorcery in the manner of Elric.
How to (re-)submit a deity
Format your godling according to the example James provides here.
Send your write-up to Gorgonmilk, ye editor: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

How to (re-)contribute artwork
It may not be possible to bring together all of the original illustrations that were intended to be part of the Petty Gods book. But several artists have already expressed interest in providing new illos, and I'm sure that there are more of you out there that would like to be a part of this. If you'd like to be on the PG Contributing Artist List, send Gorgonmilk an e-mail: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Once all of the petty godlings have been collated and organized, Gorgonmilk will forward a set of descriptions to the PG Contributing Artist List for those deities who need depictions. From that point the artists themselves can decide what god(s) they will be drawing and the project will be that much closer to completion.

I look forward to your submissions!


  1. Rock. I missed the first deadline, and am glad to see this opportunity come around again. Will be in contact!

  2. I submitted 2 tonight.

    I have one more i need to work on.

    Fun stuff :)

  3. Since I was planning on using Petty Gods as the Pantheon for my D&D game, I am very happy it's finally coming out!

    Also, I wonder whose idea it was originally...

    1. I was also planning to start a campaign using PG as the pantheon... in Jan 2011.

  4. Shoot, I found the "founding blog posts"




    1. I should've caught that. Sorry Blair. You deserve credit. It shall be so!

  5. there may be some clues about who to hunt down for submissions here... http://grognardia.blogspot.com.au/2010/11/current-petty-gods-submissions.html?m=1

    As for me, I submitted a picture of a swamp god (I can find the name later). I can send that. https://plus.google.com/u/0/113038731865376814003/posts/BSegJLGLarV

    1. Thanks for the help, man! That link doesn't seem to be working unfortunately. Do you mind sending it to me directly?

      flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

    2. ah, you probably need to join g+? I'll try to find it on my computer again...

    3. I'm on there, but as you can see I'm not terribly active.


  6. Is there a deadline for submissions? I'll need bit of time, but I don't want to miss out.

    1. Not at the moment. Once I get closer to assembling all the "lost" material then I may institute some kind of deadline for new submissions.

  7. Yeah! I gonna work on a few this week! ART TOO!


  8. You want Law gods, I'll get you Law Gods and not your usual gods!