Petty Gods: Places of Power

Something for your consideration:

  • A section of PETTY GODS devoted to places where divine beings tread
  • Each entry includes a 5-mile hex map (think Wilderlands-style area maps) that includes your locale and a few points of interest in the surrounding area. The goal is to be able to just drop each area into a campaign with little or no need for re-terraforming someone's campaign world.
  • These could of course be crazy lairs -- some cruel god's Fortress of Infinite Sorrow for example -- but they also could be important Neutral grounds, where two or more gods might appear to conduct business or hold counsel. There's usually some node of magical power involved, I would think. Ley lines are optional.


  1. More maps and cool stuff? Thats never a bad thing...

  2. I love this idea. I think single-hex locations are a general missing feature of OSR-material.

    How can we get involved in making these, if we're not already working on Petty Gods?

    1. I will do a follow-up post on this idea tomorrow, Austin. In the meantime, imagine a place in the Material Plane where two or more gods might get together. There could be lots of interesting little locales around this place that may or may not be connected to it in some way.