Petty Gods: Terms & Conditions

Some of you have contacted me with reservations about reviving the Petty Gods project out of respect for James M. I would like to have his blessing on this, but let us be clear: I'm not in contact with James. If he wants to contact me, my e-mail is splattered all over this blog:

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

I plan to include his name on the title page above my own as the original concept for PG was his. My role is editor/layout guy, and that's it.

Petty Gods will be a free PDF. It will likely also be an at-cost Print-On-Demand product.

Everyone who has produced material for PG will receive credit. I have no interest in exerting copyright control over any aspect of this project.

Basically I just want to sit down with a nice brown ale and read it, cover to cover.




  1. I don't think James would have a problem with it. He's certainly aware it's been a long delay. He deserves recognition as the architect of the project, but its obvious that someone else needs to see it through to completion--and all the entries and art are the property of their respect creators.

  2. Brown ale is always an EXCELLENT choice

    1. I've been known to ingest the occasional IPA as well.