Petty Gods: Update 05

Here's a rough outline of the contents of the PETTY GODS book. I'm anticipating it to be about 200 pages in all. Far too big for DIY binding of LBB-sized booklets. To this end -- because making booklets at home is something of a little obsession for me -- I'm going to break up PG into three parts:

(1) PETTY GODS: Lords of Law
(2) PETTY GODS: Lords of Neutrality (ALT: "The Grey Lords"?)
(3) PETTY GODS: Lords of Chaos

Each booklet will run somewhere around 80 pages.

Getting back to the book/POD/all-in-one version -- a look at the contents:
  • Table of Contents (includes contributor names next to deity listings)
  • Introduction by Jennell Jaquays
  • How to Use This Book by Greg Gorgonmilk
  • Part 1: Lords of Law
  • Part 2: Lords of Neutrality
  • Part 3: Lords of Chaos
  • Appendix A: Petty Portfolios (Malcolm Bowers' idea -- a table of portfolios)
  • Appendix B: Minions
  • Appendix C: M. A. R. Barker essay
  • Bob Bledsaw: Recollections by Greg Geilman
  • Afterword by Jennell Jaquays
  • Deity Index
  • Art Index (ID's all art in the book by page#, points to artist websites)
The above is just a rough template at this point.


  1. If I may be bold enough to suggest content for Appendix B and C I would suggest perhaps few, but not many minions and toadies for those petty gods whose stich it would especially fit and maybe few good spells for clerics who worship totally strange deities, I mean there has to be some benefit for not dedicating your life to proper big deity.

    I'm not at moment getting ideas what those could be.

    1. Your Appendix: Minions idea is a certainty, Jonas. Thanks! You will receive credit for this, as well.