Petty Gods: Update 08

I am at capacity for new godlings! If you're a contributor to the original project begun by James M of Grognardia AND we haven't talked yet, then send me a line. If we've communicated and I know that you've got a godling on the way -- no worries, just send it when it's complete.

And the big news:

I am now in possession of ALL the original material -- thanks especially to PETER GIFFORD. 

Peter [aka Universal Head] was working with James for some time on this project and completed a 150-page draft of PETTY GODS. He is a professional graphic designer -- one responsible for a little site you may have heard about:

Peter contacted James with the offer of doing the layout for Petty Gods in October last year; spent about a month laying out a 150 page book which just needed a final editorial pass before completion and publication; then James dropped off the map.

His blog is called Headless Hollow. As Universal Head, he's known among boardgamers for doing hundreds of quality rules summaries and the graphic design for several games (eg. Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ninjato, Aztlan).

I would like to release Peter's draft here on Gorgonmilk, with his permission. Would you guys be interested in seeing the Original Petty Gods book?

Also this:

I'd really like to get into contact with the artist Chris Huth (he's done a lot of great work for Pelgrane Press). I've commented on his blog but so far have not heard from him. If you know him, please direct him here. I'd love to have Huth on board the PG revival. I'm going to e-mail him today, as well.

I've just been informed that Chris Huth recently lost his home. Hopefully he'll be back on his feet soon.


Let's talk about the frontispiece on PETTY GODS' title page. It's going to be circular a la [art by Trampier]:

The front and back covers of this book -- by Thomas Denmark and Paul Ballard respectively -- are embedded in a primordial forest haunted by weird gods and ruins. I'd like to pull that theme to the frontispiece as well. If you're up to the challenge and have ideas, contact me:

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


  1. Yes, I want to see Peter's original Petty Gods book.
    Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    Massive drag about Chris' home. I hope he's well.

    Love the cover-to-frontispiece theme.


  2. "Would you guys be interested in seeing the Original Petty Gods book?"

    Questions to which the answer is YES!!!!!

  3. I believe the answer your query is: "Hell yes."

    Please read my response in my native rural South Georgia accent for full effect.

  4. I would really like to see the original Petty Gods book. I had an entry submitted to James (the petty god of fetid pools), and I have since suffered from an email debacle, so it would be nice to see my old friendly petite diety of the fetid pool.


    And we really should find a way to compensate Peter for his original work on this project. Sure, it was James who dropped off the map and Peter could have released this draft himself but he did the ethical thing by holding off until the project was revived. There needs to be some way to give him credit for the time investment he has made.

    1. Peter will be named co-editor of the Petty Gods project.

  6. These are great news! All the original material to be put in the book!

    And I want to see Peter's original Petty Gods book too.