Dice Roles

SOURCE: Robot Chicken S5E16
Are certain dice called on to do specific sorts of tasks at the game table? Twenty-siders admittedly serve a lot of functions in most D&D-like games, but what if we broke down each of the dice types according to the task(s) and prop(s) to which they are most associated?

  • d4 -- damage, daggers
  • d6 -- ?
  • d8 -- hit dice (in post-OD&D games)
  • d10 -- ?
  • d12 -- ?
  • d20 -- ?
  • d24 -- ?
  • d30 -- ?
  • d100 -- ?
  • others?
Your thoughts?

Meta-question: Is there a Zodiac of Dice?


  1. d6 - TFT and fireballs
    d10 - that crazy white wolf stuff
    d12 - longswords vs. large
    d20 - you name it
    d24 - 'hey guys look at this'
    d30 - that goofy book the armory put out
    d100 - BRP

    every other type - DCC

  2. For early-generation systems, I think of d100 as the "thief skills" dice roll, and d6 as being the "noncombat functions" dice (1d6 for environment, 2d6 for social interaction). A d10, by itself, is the fighter dice; it gives the top end damage of some of the 2H weapons, and eventually becomes the 1e hit dice of those classes as well. The d12 is the "encounter subtable" dice for B/X, which is a pretty small niche.

  3. The d12 is the "Barbarian" die in 3.Xe games, hit die and the greataxe. There was an Order of the Stick comic on that.

    With the d6 I think thieves/rogues for their hit die, sneak attack, and the short sword. Again from a 3.X perspective.

    Also 3d6 for stats. And now 3d6 for Green Ronin's AGE system. Let's not forget the d6 system of WEG.

    The d10 is for initiative in 2E.