Petty God: Ghosh

Ghosh is a largely unknown deity, though his name is often invoked. One calls upon old Ghosh to deliver little curses called "darnings" that often reflect backward in time upon the invoker -- though they rarely amount to anything more than a stubbed toe. Ghosh will apply his dooms to inanimate objects as readily as to living things.


  1. Hmm... I think Ghosh' minion/earthly avatar is known as Rhu'dee, who is a rather lazy and shiftless sub-deity. People call on Rhu'dee so as not to disturb Ghosh, but expect no results for, as they are all too aware, "Rhu'dee don't do a damn thing."

  2. And let's not forget Raalf, the god of drunken vomiting!

    Or the twins of cursing, Geesusatchkrisst & Geesusfukkrisst!

  3. By the hippie beard of Jehovah, ye cads, how dare you call the lords of the curse words with such disrespect? Know ye not the terrible doom that awaits ye? The hairy palms and the palming Harries?

  4. Can you take Ghosh's name in Vain? And if you do and he punishes you with stubbing your toe, and you do it again, does it create a vicious toe stubbing circle?

    Is Ghosh then related to some petty god of redundancy?

    Or bad Puns?


  5. Also, invoked whenever someone asks what you're going to do today.