Petty Gods: Growing the Mythology

It is told that the Jale God and the Yellow King once gorged themselves on the black and viscous fruits of the Tree of Forsaken Lore until their bodies swelled and exploded in a shower of effervescent gore. Seven and three godlings emerged vacant-eyed and uncertain from the spattered finery of their forebears, like babes crawling from the red and burbling holes of dead mothers. Only slowly and after much wandering did they come to realize what had passed. 

It was many eons before the Jale God ambled forth again from dust and shadow to resume his creaking seat in the House of Decayed Memory. He was a changed lord, given to weird fits. It was not long before his old servants abandoned him.

Tales of the fate of the Yellow King and His Heart are the stuff of children's stories. Most variants mention or allude to the legend of Naughty Jack, a poor fool who comes upon the Heart through some accident or minor bit of misfortune. Jack imagines the organ is some golden bauble, perhaps a scattering once found among the hoard of a wandering giant king. He takes it home to his homely wife, and the pair celebrate long into the night with many goblets of wine or honey-mead shared between them. It is then, while Jack and wife groan in the thickness of drunken sleep, that the Yellow King arrives and calls up to them like a cold wind from the woods behind their cottage.

"Where is it? Where is the King's heart? 
Where is the crucible of my blood?"

And so on. Needless to say, Jack and wife come to a sad end. Whether the Yellow King finds where Naughty Jack has sealed away His Heart all depends on the version of the legend being recited.


  1. The Tree of Forsaken Lore is a Petty Food . . . write it up and send it to me to add to the list!