Petty Gods: Knights, Knights, Knights

Where do I find this film?
Porky thinks the knights idea has legs:
"Maybe the knights would be only vaguely knights and only very loosely connected by order, just weird wanderers, blessed or cursed with bizarre experiences behind and ahead of them. Maybe they'd be of many different knightly orders, or demi-orders, fractured and in dispute over trivial subjects and not quite sure who was allied with who any more. A little 'knights will clash'. Maybe they're not all chaotic and don't necessarily loot and pillage, but everything is in some way related back to the petty gods - maybe some individuals act as champions or messengers, or hunt others, or are trying to become gods themselves. A little like the factionalism and rivalries in GW's Inquisition, but much more old school, working in a weirder quest-themed space, with the doom built from the ground up through details. The key would be less alignment than web of loyalties, and contributors could include a line in the profile for their individual's current bonds. Maybe every allegiance would be a mix of the same keywords in a different order, like that scene in The Life of Brian on different movements."
Riff on that in the comments below. 


  1. Well, here's the original poem it was based on:


    Here it is on DVD:


    It isn't cheap for the length of the film, but it is an amazing interpretation of the poem and very lovely. I have a copy of it somewhere in my movies, but sadly, those are in a box in a storage unit 1,200 miles away...

    1. The stills I was finding really caught my eye. Thanks for the linkage. Adding it to the wishlist!

  2. I already started working up a knight, Lord Mercer, Knight of Coin and Purse. He is a follower of a Demon of Greed and the head of a vast Guild of Traders and economic houses.

    I figured he would not be so much as a monster of combat but a master of deception and a charismatic leader. He holds the power of the Coin and the Purse and can metaphorically and maybe even quite literally draw up the strings of a coin purse cause nations or institutions to crumble and fall.

    While evil, he's not stupid. He controls this group solely for greed, and cause undue damage to a source of income would negate the acquisition of wealth.

    So when faced with this by "GOOD" and "RIGHTEOUS" adventurers, how do they take down a man and his Trade Houses, Pawn Shops and Guilds and still protect a kingdom that relies on the Knights financial institutes.

    Lord Mercer is a Knight in that he serves a "Cause" was knighted and hold land. His cult raises up "Champions" that enforce the various Labor Guilds, Banks and suches desire to create profit. It goes as far as operating Thieves Guilds.

    Lord Mercer is a sort of Mob Boss, immune from prosecution and safe behind a wall he has built over the years of intertwined loans and promises to every power in the realm.

    He attends the normal Knightly things, Jousts and such, which of course he tends to manipulate. He even has quested, although secretly it was for his Demon Lord master. Lord Mercer comes across as a bit arrogant but hides it mostly behind mock charity and false piety to whatever god is currently popular.

    He is of sorts an Anti-Arthur. More concerned with self and his Demon Lord than anything else.

    Like that?

    Let me know what ya'll think...


    1. I like what you've got here, Eric. Send it my way when you've got it all written up.

    2. Very interesting. I like the back at home base aspect of it too, the nitty gritty roots of the thing in civilisation, and that potential for funding of major expeditions.

  3. If I can riff off my own riffs, maybe a class template would be one way to go.

    That could also be crowdsourced, maybe with a master post here for soliciting ideas, then a simple poll of some kind for the best, then a playtesting period, a fortnight say, or a month, where everyone goes away and uses it, then a final finesse.

    Specific character concepts and details, key doom-laden items etc. could then be crowdsourced for a handful of short random tables, initially at least, to allow random generation as needed, or to inspire players choosing the class.

    But that's only the half of it: if you put the template for this and maybe other petty god-related classes in Petty Gods, a future supplement could see contributors send in their own based on this clear framework, building off their initial table entries or creating new.

    Done well it could become a core OSR class.

    1. A key feature here is play: the platesting period would also be a good opportunity to use some of the gods from Original PG, and to bring the whole project to life, give it even more oomph and new sources in the extended player community of the various groups offline. It's really about play after all.

    2. Good point, Porky. Any feedback from actual play will be really useful while I'm editing the book.

  4. I think that the "knights" must be knights in some sense. Noble warriors of some sort (even if their classes are not of the fighter type).

    I liked the Eric description.

    What we still need is the description of the leader to inspire the creation of the other, and weave a vague alliance between them.

    Sir Aleister Vader, Duke of Crowley, The Skywalker Knight, must be written!

    1. I like the Duke of Crowley part.

      Duke of Crowley --> Duke of Crows?

  5. Check out these links. Maybe we can ask these guys for their write-ups:







    1. Left comments for Jack and Jeff. I'll get in touch with Needles tonight.