Petty Gods: Loose Concepts II

1. Nyctalops
  • the first vampire
  • source of vampirism/vampiristic power
  • descended from another petty god (i.e. one found in PG)
  • chained to a mountain-top
  • guarded by _______________ 

2. The Head of Thoke
  • Decapitated head of Thoke, former god of ______________
  • Talks (too much)
  • Can see anything in the Material or Astral Plane
  • Kept alive by being submerged by day in a vat of _______________

3. Tallemaja, Queen of Huldras and Lamias
  • Former bride of of Lord Greensayne [see below]
  • Cursed by exposure to the Eidolons of Fear and Hate*  
  • Her utterances cause pregnant mothers to give birth to lamias or huldras (50%)
  • A forest goddess

4. Lord Greensayne, aspect of the Jale God
  • He cultivates a reputation as a generous petty noble
  • Secretly introduces polite society to the obscene Cult of the Jale God
  • Hides a hideous and anomalous deformity
  • He wears a mask that can take on the appearance of any face

*For a brief time both eidolons were in Lord Greensayne's possession.

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