Petty Gods: Official Stat Blocks (Draft 1)

Constructive/deconstructive input is welcome here. All you makers of gods should take note that a new bit of required information is needed for every entry. Or you can just leave it up to Gorgonmilk and Matt Schmeer to come up with something during the editing process. No sweat.

[How do you guys feel about including %Lair and/or %Liar?]

PETTY GODS stat block format

Symbol: Describe the (un)holy sigil that represents the deity
Talisman: Describe the sacred object that the deity's followers carry
Alignment: Gygaxian Ethic (Moral); eg. Chaotic (Evil); Note: moral alignment is not necessary*
Movement: x"; x" Fly
Armor Class: x (ascending)
Hit Points (HD): xx (xd8)
Attacks: attack type(s) or Special
Damage: xdx per attack type or Special
Save: class and level equivalent; eg. Fighter 12
Morale: xx
Hoard Class: x,xxxgp (per LL: AEC system**)
XP: x,xxx (per LL:AEC system**)
Armor Class: per ACKS system***
Hit Points (HD): ***
Attack Throw: ***
Save: ***
Morale: ***
Treasure Type: ***
XP: ***

Upper stat block is LL:AEC and in some cases system neutral.
Lower stat block is ACKS-specific info.

Note the distinction between Symbol and Talisman. Compare to the Fish representing Christ in the ancient world -- while crosses, beads and the bones of saints are examples of common and uncommon talismans of Christianity.
*: Chaos and Law in their purest forms are neither Good or Evil.
**: Download Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion HERE.
***: Download Adventure Conqueror King System HERE.


  1. Shit. Now I have to go revise all my stat blocks.

  2. Greg, on which page of the LL:AEC is this system explained?

    1. The stat blocks and how to calculate Hoard Class and XP. I don't see that anywhere in the LL:AEC. I got in LL right before the Monster section, but even then the rules don't explain how to create or calculate the appropriate class or XP value, really. I've just been nabbing stat blocks from other monsters and adjusting them, but if there is a tried and true method of figuring this out, let me know. I'll be honest: I'm terrible at stat blocks.

    2. I'll dig around tonight and send you my findings.