Petty Gods: An Open-Ended, Pseudo-Mythological Continuity

PETTY GODS co-editor Matt Schmeer of Rended Press has been cultivating a sort of sub-mythology within PG that centers around his entry for Curdle, goddess of blind milkmaids. Quite a number of his other entries refer back to this little petty godling, creating the illusion of a much larger background.

If you've already submitted a godling or three to PG, I humbly request that you submit another entry (a god, divine artifact, minion(s), or a particular place of power) linking back to your original entry.


BTW A lot of you have sent me mail asking whether or not your godlet or item or whatother has been accepted into the book. Unless I sent you a mail requesting changes/adjustments, then your work will be in PG. I will hopefully have time to respond to more specific questions soon.


I screwed up and asked Eleanor Ferron to do a drawing for Nearly Forgotten Behzd, overlooking that Luigi Castellani had already done one for his entry a long time ago. Fortunately I have need of this second Behzd illo, so it all works out. It's worth noting that Eleanor had not seen Luigi's drawing when she drew her take.

Eleanor Ferron's Behzd

Luigi Castellani's Behzd


  1. She's a minor petty god but she's well-connected!

  2. Some creative editing by the editing team could also establish some links between gods. :)

    - Ark

  3. Perhaps a foolish question, but are all the submitted (and accepted) petty gods presented here?

    And can we link to them, not just our own?

    1. Nope, I have dozens that have not been exhibited yet. I'm thinking of uploading all the unedited files as a zip archive soon.

  4. I'm definitely working on entries that tie back into the four Petty Gods I've submitted. Just need to finish the art I'm working on so yeah, more to follow ;)...

  5. It just so happens that there was an odd Lotus that Kahladaht discovered growing at "Where Angels Fear to Tread."

  6. Ghosh darnit that is some awesome art!