Petty Gods: Update 14

To Be Implemented

  • An e-mail/shout-out to the Contributing Artist List detailing overall progress on the illustration side of things and what needs to be done.
  • An e-mail to the Proofers List on the official PETTY GODS stat blocks and what information they will contain. We will begin the proofing process this month.
  • If you want to be on either of these lists as an active member or shadowy BCC lurker, e-mail me at the address above.
Beast of Unbidden Challenges illo by David L. Johnson


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  2. That is awesome! I can't believe how fantastic that art is! Thank you so much for posting it! And Mr. Johnson, if you're reading this, I love the details like the melty face and the vial of tears. You two made my weekend!

    1. Thanks Nate! This guy was a blast to draw and I will definitely find a way to deploy in a game this summer . . .