Psionics Question

Would all gods share certain basic psionic abilities -- telepathy, mental projection, psychic attacks and defenses -- or only certain deities? 

Thinking of an optional set of rules dealing with this topic. Want to avoid point-system mechanics and use something simpler -- maybe an HD-based chart indicating (a) abilities that are permanently in effect and (b) abilities that can be used a certain number of times per day.


  1. Perhaps even Petty Gods would share the God Factor. Psionics brings to mind (pun intended) Illithids and Aboleths. Surely such Jedi mind tricks are beneath Petty Gods? Give them God Powers. The average adventurer probably won't know the difference... but at least they get the bad feeling that they're up against genuine divine beings with powers beyond the understanding of mere mortals.

    1. But if the campaign setting has a "Psychic Plane" it makes sense that deities -- even petty ones -- would be represented there.

      Ultimately magic and psionics and divine power are facets of the same Power. Or at least that's how I've always approached it.

  2. I'd prefer an optional chart or something; they are, after all, PETTY gods. They might have some powers but not each of them.

  3. Look at Deities & Demigods for the description of standard divine abilities:

    Comprehend Languages
    Detect alignment

    these "function instantaneously and at will, but not continuously".

    Additionally, on page 6 of the printing I have (a really beat-up 1st, includes Cthulhu mythos), it says that gods' psionic abilities fall into 6 standard classes, and provides a table. Psionic abilities function at 15th level for demigods, 20th level for lesser gods, and 25th level for greater gods.

    1. Thanks, Matt! Rather than referencing 1E's psionics we could defer to Hack & Slash's PSIONICS rules.

    2. I have downloaded it, but haven't looked through it yet. I'll do so later this week.

    3. OK. Having read Cortney's PDF, what he suggests is similar to the table from the Deities & Demigod books. Courtney divided the powers into 5 categories instead of 6, and then splits the disciplines into "Minor Devotions" and "Major Sciences" instead of the 1e D&D "Major Disciplines" and "Minor Disciplines". Courtney keeps the concepts of attack and defense modes, too.

      That said, the 1e version of divince psionic abilities is more streamlined and fits better with LL than Courtney's version. His works better for PCs, however. If I was running a game with a Psionicist class, this would be see implementing this.

      That said, I like Courtney's descriptions of Psionic powers a lot.

      But for gods, I want something simpler.

  4. This begs the question:
    Should I put an entry in Diit'Wentii's stat block for Psionics?
    He's easy as I want him to be Class VI, per Mr. Schmeer's and my copies of De&De.

    1. No need to modify the entry. We'll keep all the psionics info together in its own section.