Things Petty Gods Might Do

In general, the attitude of one petty god to another is best described as well-seasoned contempt. Treachery is commonplace. Many gods pass the eons constructing flawless architectural models of deception -- played out by armies of phantoms -- in which they are triumphant over some hated rival. 

Human emotions and desires are the merest trifles in comparison to the sorrows and lusts experienced by the gods -- psychotic obsessions and rich tapestries of delirium that occupy monoliths of time -- only ending when their esoteric sufferings have fully transformed them and thereby usher in the next age of the world.

Petty gods covet power. The bones of their elders -- scattered bits and pieces of ancient gods long dead -- sometimes invisible to mortal eyes or entirely beyond their reach -- call to the petty gods with the promise of power. These pieces are collected and collated and analyzed. They are secreted away and put under the protection of cunning demonic agents who can alter the minds of intruders at will. The very idea that another godling might come to possess its sepulchral hoard is a source of much anxiety for the petty god, and much energy is spent preventing this from ever occurring.


  1. "Chu-Bu and Sheemish" by Lord Dunsany is a great story about petty god rivalry.

    1. Fittingly, Chu-Bu will be in PETTY GODS.

  2. Uh-oh, Sheemish is going to be pissed....