Jailbreaking READ MAGIC

Mallanauf the Spell-Breaker suggests using Read Magic to...
  1. Read (identify) the name of a curse or hex on an afflicted person or area.
  2. Read the author's mark on any magical item.
  3. Read a spell's or magical effect's age (i.e. determine how long ago it was cast). Note that spells and effects develop age-rings in a manner similar to trees.
  4. Read encrypted command words on the forms of magically created beings. Note that decryption is another matter.


  1. What about just allowing the above as a natural ability of spell-casters. If they can only do one thing, it should be able to read magic!

  2. The material component of this spell is a hair plucked from the magicians head (now you know why mages wear hats)!