Literary Precedent for Divine Portfolio-Swiping

From the foreword to Robert Graves' The White Goddess:

Conquering gods their titles take
From the foes they captive make,

It would seem that Graves is suggesting that one godling might lose his "title" (=portfolio?) when he becomes the prisoner of another god.


  1. Francis Macdonald Cornford has good stuff on this, graves two vol greek myths is a must read - also ask how many prayers to greek gods have you read if answer no your really missing out on getting them. Babylonian gods do this too. Heraclese associated with Hera in pre-zeus era. Zeus and Enki eat goddesses and make new ones with new names. All the great greek monsters are previous gods being trash talked by the poets. Babylonian gods statues visited each other and kidnapped each other stealing power and collecting their tithes. Marduk and early Pharoh Unas claimed to have eaten other gods and gained their powers. Hittete god ate bad dads nutsack. Religion is so rational.

  2. "Hittete god ate bad dads nutsack. Religion is so rational."

    This needs to be on a t-shirt :D

  3. Often it occurs without violence, or the story of vanquishing is lost/occluded; cf. Odin overtaking Tyr as head of the pantheon. One cult came to prominence over another, assuming duties and titles yet the latter still lives on and figures prominently in myths.

  4. needs a boardgame of gods stealing new powers from petty gods