[Monster] The Anti-Medusa

Appears as a (usually male) humanoid with a beard of snakes. His terrifying gaze will cause stone to become flesh. Often found living in particularly dank and fetid zones of the Underworld, the anti-medusa is something of an eldritch aristocrat. His attendants include several green slimes inhabiting animate bodies of clear glass cast in the molds of achingly beautiful women. They are fragile creatures and their magical casings are easily damaged by metal weapons.


  1. Although I am interested in what stats he might have, the really interesting question to me is what alignment is he, and what does he think of victims of medusa petrification? Is he a noble saviour, a disinterested bystander, a greedy mercenary ("Yes, I can restore your friend: What's he worth to you?") or maybe he has some sort of control over those he de-petrifies, like a Charm Monster or Dominate Person.
    Also, how does he get on with medusae? I guess he would be immune to their gaze. Do they see him as a threat that they cannot petrify, or as a rare mate to be wooed?

    1. Use medusa stats. LE alignment.

      Anti-Medusa reaction roll (1d6)

      1. PHILANTHROPIC - He will cure any petrified persons brought before him out of a sense of duty.
      2. CAPITALISTIC - He will do the above for a modest fee [DM's call].
      3. APATHETIC - He has no interest in doing anything whatsoever for the PCs.
      4. NEUROTIC - He will sic his minions at PCs just in case they might try to kill him.
      5. SADISTIC - He will attempt to capture PCs so they can be bound and slowly digested by his flesh walls.
      6. MACHINISTIC - He will attempt to use the PCs to his advantage against an old enemy.

      Medusae and Anti-Medusae do not seem to be aware of each other. If they happen to cross paths, they will not appear visible or audible to one another. Legends say that when a medusa dies, her anti-medusa counterpart dies as well.

  2. Very cool. The non-relationship between the anti-medusae and medusae is certainly not what I was expecting. It also means neither will reproduce via a normal humanoid life cycle. Perhaps both have completely supernatural origins.
    As for being slowly digested by flesh walls, that makes the standard 10' x 10' x 10' pit sound really nasty.

  3. Damn your eyes! I have a green slime filled glass humanoid in one of my scenarios (a pair of them actually). Still using them anyway! :)

    Devious minds thinking alike.

    ... or a mutual dive into Jungian depths.

    1. Birds of a demented feather flock together? What did you decide to call it? I'll follow your lead on this.

    2. I would like to say that it was something more interesting than a Decanter Golem, but it wasn't.

    3. Ooh, I like decanter golem. They could radicalize pseudo-medieval warfare as we know it, what with the potential to fill them with Greek Fire.

  4. I had them for a module coming out through Dragonsfoot (once I stop fiddling with it). Here they are for all to share:

    Golem, Decanter

    FREQUENCY: Very Rare
    NO. APPEARING: 1-3
    MOVE: 9”
    HIT DICE: 1 (6 hit points)
    % IN LAIR: 100%
    DAMAGE/ATTACK: special
    SPECIAL ATTACKS: See below
    ALIGNMENT: Neutral
    SIZE: M
    X.P. VALUE: 196

    Decanter Golems are exceedingly rare constructs. In appearance, they are humanoid in shape, fashioned out of glass. Clever hinges built into the tops of their heads allow their pate to swing open like a teapot, permitting the hollow golem to be filled with liquid. Poisons and acids are a common choice. Their contents will determine their coloring. It will not be immediately apparent to onlookers that they are liquid-filled; they will outwardly appear to be constructed out of a crystalline substance of the appropriate color.

    Decanter Golems can attack by touch, small spouts in their fingertips allowing them to spray an opponent with their contents upon a successful hit. However, the primary intent behind their creators is that they be attacked with weapons. Any blow inflicting 6 hp of damage will cause the form to shatter, equal to a triple-strength direct hit (see DMG, p. 64) upon its attacker and functioning as a double-strength splash on all creatures within a 5’ radius. The capacity of a decanter golem is 160 pints (20 gallons).

    Decanter Golems are immune to most spells, including all mind-affecting magic, hold and paralysis, death magic and illusions. They are not subject to poison. They are unaffected by electricity and magic missiles. If one fails its saving throw against fire or cold-based spells, its contents will freeze/boil as appropriate, causing it to shatter as above; if the save is made the golem is unaffected. Decanter golems are entitled to a saving throw against shatter spells but are destroyed if the save is failed.

  5. I have one filled with holy water (it makes sense in the scenario). Therefore, the party may think little of the second, which was filled with green slime. ;)