My List of Jack Vance Desiderata

I realize that a lot of these are pretty cheap to obtain digitally, but I'm looking for the physical artifacts. The list below includes a couple books written under Jack's real name, John Holbrook Vance [JHV].

___ Bad Ronald [JHV]
___ Bagful of Dreams (The)
___ Chateau D'If
___ Dark Ocean (The)
___ Dark Side of the Moon (The)
___ Deadly Isles (The) [JHV]
___ Eight Fantasms and Magics
___ Four Johns (The)
___ Fox Valley Murders (The)
___ Future Tense
___ House on Lily Street (The)
___ Isle of Peril
___ Laughing Magician (The)
___ Light from a Lone Star (The)
___ Lost Moons
___ Madman Theory (The)
___ Man in the Cage (The)
___ Pleasant Grove Murders (The)
___ Ports of Call
___ Room to Die In (A)
___ Seventeen Virgins (The)
___ Slaves of the Klau
___ Strange Notions
___ Take My Face
___ Vandals of the Void
___ View from Chickweed's Window (The)
___ When the Five Moons Rise


  1. Hi, I've just been reading your blog.

    I visited James Mishler's blog, which I didn't know about even though I have his other blog (Adventures in Gaming v2) on my blogroll. James in an amazingly creative guy but he's not good at publicising himself is he? Do you remember he once made a world map inspired by J Eric Holmes's writings? That was a really inspiring map! There were some posts to go with it, but they were on his previous blog (Adventures in Gaming) which is vanished now.

    Then I went to RPGnow and downloaded a copy of Renegade ~ Corruption, which looks brilliant. You know, I now have an embarrassment of riches as far as OSR pdfs go - I have more stuff than I have time to read them all. Not to mention blogs. Really, I wish everyone in the OSR would take a break for a few years and give me time to catch up!

    Then I read your post about Jack Vance. Guess what! I have a copy of Monsters in Orbit! I picked it up about 10 years ago for about ten pence at a book sale. I've never read it (I found The King in Yellow at the same sale which I was very happy about, but I haven't read that either!). Anyway, I would like to post Monsters in Orbit to you, as a thank-you for your great blog, and Petty Gods, and Vancian Magic, and the Goblin Market, and everything else. It's a bit tatty I'm afraid! If you want it, email me your postal address.

    My email is martin dot akiyama at gmail dot com

    1. Wow, thanks, Martin! Sending an e-mail your way shortly.

  2. Oh, while I'm here, let me recommend you a couple of books I enjoyed recently. reamde by Neal Stephenson is a techno-thriller over 1000 pages long. It takes about 30 pages to get going but after that it's a real page turner. If you've never read Stephenson you really should check him out. Anathem and The System of the World are good books too. I've also been reading a manga - Mahou Sensei Negima! by Ken Akamatsu - I've been reading the pirated scanlation online. I can only describe it as a cross between Harry Potter and Benny Hill. Volume one is jaw-droppingly tasteless. But volume two is only half as bad and the writing basically gets better as it goes along. I'm up to volume five, which is very enjoyable. I mention both of these books because it feels like both Neal Stephenson and Ken Akamatsu must have played D&D, or something similar, when they were younger.

    1. In fact my roomie and I have watched the anime adaptation of that manga and we both enjoyed it. I will def have to read more Stephenson. I still need to read his collab with William Gibson, The Difference Engine.

    2. I haven't seen the anime, but I'm reading Negima because it was recommended here: http://hpmor.com/notes/ the author said "I’ve also enjoyed reading the Mahou Sensei Negima manga - for the love of Cthulhu stay away from the anime" :D

    3. HA! Well I guess it's probably a good thing that I watched the animation first then.

    4. If you like anime I feel compelled to recommend Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (warning: avoid spoilers!), which is a nice take on the magical-girl genre. There is a free pdf beta version (3rd draft) of an rpg inspired by Madoka called Magical Burst. Also, Girls und Panzer, which has schoolgirls in Second World War tanks. Both are 12 episode, single series shows that start slow but pick up speed around episode 3-4.

    5. Great otakus think alike: I have Girls und Panzer here :)

      That's news to me about Magical Burst -- will have to check it out. I caught an isolated episode of Madoka Magica a while back and was impressed.

      Been trying to process the latest Evangelion Rebuild film lately. Needs at least three viewings for full mental digestion IMO.

  3. Sorry, when I wrote "The System of the World" (Neal Stephenson book) I meant "The Baroque Cycle". It's a trilogy set in 17th Century Europe. The first book is called Quicksilver.