Occam's Razor

Occam was once the god of deluded reasoning and poetic wit before he obtained a cursed sword called Razor as the result of a private wager with the inscrutable Jale God.

Alignment: Unknown

Description: A double-handed sword with a light and vicious blade composed of an unknown cream-white mineral marbled with streaks of ruby-like crystal. The cage around its hilt will immediately lock around the hands of its wielder in a twist of red leather and polished willow-root, forming an unbreakable seal. Over the course of several agonizing weeks, the wielder's finger bones will dissolve and then slowly form a supple web of living calcium within the cage. After this phase the sword may only be removed by (a) hacking off the wielder's hands at the wrists or (b) through his death.  

The Razor has an insatiable appetite for green-blooded creatures like elves, goblins and tree-spirits and will try to provoke the wielder to attack these beings on sight by exerting its will over his body. (Wielder must save vs spell -- failure indicates that he will attack target creature next round with or without his consent. Only one check needs to be made per encounter.)
  • The sword provides its wielder with +1 to all attack rolls / +2 to rolls vs green-blooded targets.
  • Razor does 1d6 CON damage (apply damage directly to the character's CON score; 3 CON or below renders a dreamless torpor)
  • The sword may drain the spirit of a target in torpor, permanently increasing the wielder's CON by 1/2 point or temporarily increasing his Hit Point total by 1d# (where # equals the victim's HD) for a number of turns determined by the DM (usually 1 turn per character level).
  • The Jale God and perhaps one other* knows the unspoken word that will cause Razor to disappear -- or more precisely -- to have never existed at all.

*Possibly Görgönmjölk?

Görgönmjölk illo by Darcy Perry
Goddess created by Jonas Mustonen

Name: Görgönmjölk
Symbol: Soot covered smiling head of medusa
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: -3
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 50 hp (12 HD)
Attacks: 1 by flaming sword
Damage: 1d8 +4d6 of fire damage and lobs heads of on natural roll 19-20
Save: F12
Morale: 10
Hoard None
XP: ???

Behind every great god is a goddess. Northern barbarians have a very grim and duty obsessed patriarchal deity (some call this deity Crom) whose followers believe the secret of steel-working to be holy. Every northern barbarian woman knows that menfolk are lazy and imagines that this great man-god probably  spends his days sitting on the throne dodging real work. His active female counterpart is the goddess of soot and ash called Görgönmjölk. In battle she resembles a snake-haired medusa covered in a layer of black soot and wielding a flaming sword of extreme sharpness. Despite certain accounts in folklore, looking at the goddess' face does not turn one to stone, perhaps due to the layer of dirt and grime she has accumulated during millenia of forge-working. Her sword will only glow white hot in her hands but she can lend it to a female fighter of chaotic alignment.


  1. That illustration is perfect, it grasps the consept perfectly, flaming swords, snakes and metal umlauts.

  2. Thanks Jonas! I certainly enjoyed the concept of a hard working northern goddess of grit and fury! The snakes make me think that perhaps Görgönmjölk was originally from somewhere (or when) warmer before she became a mistress of the forge?

    1. Serpents do sort of resemble dreadlocks or matted hair and sort of resonate with maenads and such, cool idea.