Petty Gods: Update

Freakling (a minion type) illo by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

I'm still collecting and waiting on various pieces of writing and art. I have a lot of material assembled -- hopefully I'll have everything text-wise by the end of this month.

RE: Inquiries about new submissions -- you have till May 31st to submit whatever. If you've got a really great idea for a god, minion, divine item or otherworldly place, then get it to me soon.

To keep things as simple as possible, send txt files for new submissions attached to your e-mails. No more rtf or doc or whatever -- I'm going to convert them all to txt anyway.

Art-wise I still have quite a few man-like gods in need of illustration. Not so many of those crazy, chaotic monster-gods left to assign, sorry. They disappear quickly.


  1. I have a few more petty foods I am going to send to mwschmeer; also, I have a partially written up petty god (Mal-Lam the Fearful Symmetry; definitely able to finish by the end of the month), plus ideas on a couple more (Gogorta the Ram-Headed Slaughterer, Ixomant the Living Darkness).

  2. I'm going to wrap up my subs in the next week.
    Do you want me to de-format them and send them as simple text files? No problem if so.

    1. Whatever's most convenient. If you want to send both formats, that's also fine.

  3. Just for fun: