The Book That Introduced the D30 to the World

Things I learned:
  • The early D30s were numbered 0 to 9 three times. Anyone have one of these?
  • As a table book this is fair to middling stuff


  1. I agree. I've seen a PDF and I'd say the contents aren't that exciting or useful.

    These have it beat by a mile:

    Order of the d30 Concordance

    d30 DM Companion

  2. Ooh, I have the D30 Companion (it rules and will have several sequels!) but somehow I missed the Concordance?! Downloading it now, thanks.

  3. I actually still have my original d30 but i never got the book. Going to have to rectify that.

  4. I have a glow in the dark one that I inked with three different color sharpies.

  5. late to the party here...back in the day I had an armory d30 numbered -0 to -9, 0 to 9, and +0 to +9. lost it somewhere, wish I still had it. Never had the d30 chartbook, though.

  6. Even (waaay) later to the party, so forgive me. But to answer the question at hand, yes, still have the book and both of my dice - the book (at least the one I bought) came with two d30s, an orange one and a white one.