Three(-ish) Questions for Masters of Dungeons

-- Are all sentient slimes, oozes and jellies descended from shoggoths?
-- Do all gods require worshipers? Or are there some exempt from this rule?
-- What are the magical properties of concentrated moonlight?


  1. 1. Not all of them. Some are direct servitors of Juiblex, or (demi-)humans who are ecursed, or have taken a really fucking weird step towards immortality.

    2. Mostly. There are some who exist via representation (petty god-sprits of places and things), and at least one who lose spower as he has more worshippers (The God of Atheism - thanks, GW)

    3. Enhances and augments spells which create and manipulate light (like a filter), can be used by Druids to do various wild thngs to nature (like force lycanthropy, or spontaneous menstruation), tastes like sherbert.

  2. Mmmm... Moon-flavored sherbert.

  3. Regarding moonlight see Mondmilch by Patrick Stuart: http://falsemachine.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/mondmilch.html?m=1

  4. 1. That would be awesome and you have clearly put more thought in to this than I have, why not. Let's roll with it.

    2. No, like that forgotten imprisoned elder god players accidentally released out of its vault, nobody was worshiping it.

    3. You can break curses, dispel night mares and other dream demons and their influence with it.

  5. 1. Nope, there are more differing origins for slimes and oozes than are dreamnt of in anyone's philosophy. Some are natural creatures, other are the product of magic, super-science or divine action.

    2. No Gods "require" worshipers, but most do like to have them and the more the merrier. Having entranced mortals can be very useful to do a deity's dirty work without it having to soil its hands or exert any power.

    3. The same as concentrated anything else. It works like the original substance but more effectively. Some theories say that since moonlight is naught but reflected sunlight, in sufficiently high contration it might even work as a replacement of it, with the same properties.

  6. 1. It is known that sentient slimes, oozes and jellies are the saliva of gods.

    1. @ Nicolas: I love that. Of course, my mind also wandered to other gland secretions.

      1. I don't know where slimes, oozes and jellies originated from and I'm the DM.
      2. Nah, not required. Think of the Petty Gods! ;]
      3. It's really just concentrated sunlight reflected, right?

      No, wait.

      It's really glowing cheese and the cheese itself is where the real power comes from. The light is just a side effect of the material lacking the element air. This is why Syd Smythe is always accused of being a snake oil salesman, since the cheese he claims fell from the moon (and it did!) sadly does not glow.

    2. "@ Nicolas: I love that. Of course, my mind also wandered to other gland secretions."

      Thanks !
      I wonder what the Rancid Skinflute of Vecna may produce...
      Better not to think about !

    3. Now that I think of it slimes and jellies could be four humors of demiurge, instead of black pudding it's black bile left behind by maintenance man of the universe.