Why isn't there an Andrew Lang Monster Manual?

We should do a short pamphlet.

I'm kind of loving the Three-Headed Draken right now. (The dryadic bond between these goblinoids and their fruit trees is a nice embellishment to Lang's concept. Good work, Land of Nod!)

Illustration by Henry Justice Ford

From Andrew Lang's Grey Fairy Book:

Then first came three Draken to eat him, and when the dogs had worried these, six others came and fought the dogs a long time. The noise of this combat awoke Janni, and he slew the Draken, and knew at last why the dogs were covered with blood. 
After that he freed all whom the Draken held prisoners, amongst others, a king's daughter. Out of gratitude she would have taken him for her husband; but he put her off, saying: 'For the kindness that I have been able to do to you, you shall receive in this castle all the blind and lame who pass this way.' The princess promised him to do so, and on his departure gave him a ring.

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  1. Holy crap, I want to make a campaign setting of Henry Justice Ford's pictures

    - Jeff Russell