Latest OSR Products That Tickle Our Imagination Glands

Oh such a fine bevy of trans/old school gaming stuff for the brain and table these last few weeks! Anyone who thought the "OSR is dead" might want to exhume the coffin and see what's festering around here of late.

  1. Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Jeff Easley Edition: I cut my Dunegon Master teeth on 2nd Edition AD&D. Easley's sinewy, vividly colored art was part of what drew me to the game itself, and I still find it intoxicating to the old 'magination glands. I have the 2nd print of the standard edition of DCC (there's an added index which makes it somewhat superior to the 1st run), but I figure having a second copy around will be quite useful, what with the gobs of spell tables that make up 3/5 of the total text. [My gf (who is a tablegamer as well) is gifting me this for my 35th birthday.]
  2. Judges Guild's City State of the Sea-Kings: A new Wilderlands gazetteer, and quite swankly designed at that! Featuring the cartographic work of Rob Conley (of Bat in the Attic). A lot of useful stuff for $39.95, really. Can't wait to learn more about the setting.
  3. Gavin Norman's Theorems & Thaumaturgy (hardcover): The free pdf is good enough to warrant a hardback purchase. I'm told a sequel to Theorems is in the works. There's more than enough magic in this first book to alter the occult flavor of your campaigns. Especially note the Vivimancy material -- I'm writing it into the Hexmoor campaign and will make an eldritch report of it.
  4. LotFP's Rules & Magic (A5 hardcover): Raggi has been consistently putting out some of the best fantasy RPG hardbacks on the market, and I admire some of the innovations he adds to old school gaming in the LotFP RPG. 
  5. NĂºmenor prop map: So maybe this isn't OSR specifically, but just look at it.
  6. LotFP's Qelong by Kenneth Hite: Melee in a dark fantasy Malay! 'Nuff said.
  7. Courtney Campbell's On the Non-Player Character: Looks to be a hugely useful resource for the Referee (and another must-have!)


  1. Yes that Easly DCC looks amazing doesn't it! Enjoy!

    Very interested to hear what you get up to with the vivimancers in your campaign :)