[PETTY GODS] Art Call: Atanuwe, the Nine-Legged Nag-Lord

I've mentioned Atanuwe before. He's that nine-legged unicorn, favored creation of His Atrocity, the Jale God. Atanuwe's name may be translated as "primal nonsense" -- a phrase that reflects the Nag's erratic behavior and base-chaotic tendencies. Attended by the coven of witch-wives who mothered his seventeen grotesque children -- the crass and criminal atacorns who are forbidden entry into most civilized towns and cities.

"Atanuwe" by Eleanor Ferron
REQUEST: I'm looking for a b/w 300dpi picture of Atanuwe based on my concept below.

In terms of style I'm looking for something tarot-esque. Instead of that grenade in his right hand he should be holding a faceted jewel shaped like an egg. The mace in the left hand is cool.

If you're interested in taking this on, comment below.
You retain ownership of your image, which will appear in PETTY GODS.


  1. I'll take a run at this if you don't have anybody lined up for it yet.

  2. What's up with that first illo? I rather like it. Is it a draft?

    1. It's a finished piece by Eleanor. I like it too. Nicely captures the Nag-Lord's chaotic essence. With the second illo I'm looking for something similar to the demon lords in Monster Manual II.