[What's My Motivation?] Loyalty Points & Experience

Abstract: Loyalty Points (LP) are a player owned-and-operated representation of a character's true "devotion" to specific campaign elements.

For example, Alaric the Cleric of Hoon has at least one point invested in the Cult of Hoon -- less than this would mean he could draw no spiritual powers from his deity.

Or the warrioress Ysari, who has invested an LP into the philosophy of Xoanism, which requires her to carry the child of a satyr every three years until her womb shrivels.

The benefits of using LP (every player begins the game with 3 points to invest at his/her leisure) are 

  • "social" in the sense that it creates more connections with the campaign's NPCs and powers
  • but also beneficial in a practical sense -- for every LP invested, a PC gains a 5% bonus to all accumulated XP -- NOTE that only 2 LP may be invested into a single element at any point in the character's career.
  • additional LP could be accumulated at a rate of 1 for every four Experience Levels
Loyalty also benefits the Referee. PCs who are bound to specific ethoi are usually restricted from certain behaviors -- thus making their choices in play slightly more predictable. The paladin (as traditionally represented in D&D play) is a perfect example of this principle. His behavior is utterly bound by his deep belief, at the risk of losing touch with his deity (and thus his granted powers).

And that's pretty much it. Just a simple tweak, but I think it will play out nicely.


  1. So if if I have 3 LP invested, I get a flat +15% XP every session? If there's no downside to investing LP (or you make it mandatory), you might as well say that every must pick 3 things they're loyal to at character creation. And on an unrelated note, everyone gets +15% XP.

    1. The drawback would be any of the "behavioral requirements" necessary for loyalty to a particular ethos. Which isn't so bad necessarily. Picking three things sounds easy, but all three must be mutually compatible. Vague moral systems wouldn't make the cut, simply because they don't require enough from the PC to warrant an LP.

  2. Also, where can I read more about Xoanism?

    1. The information you seek is directly accessible by ethereal consultation with the Book of Dzyan.

  3. That should be your next project, a Book of Loyalties, which a list of campaign elements with associated behaviors required for the Loyalty points.