Ben Affleck as Batman

Guess I won't be seeing that steaming pile of shit film.

I have given Affleck many chances, and he has failed to entertain me every time. Thank you, Warner Brothers, for this horrible attempt at casting. Obviously you enjoy wasting money.


  1. Matt Da-mon.


  2. Naw, either Christian Bale, whose performance I enjoyed, or Joseph Gordon-Levit, to pick up where the last film left off.

    I hate redoing everything with new actors, or re-writing what's already been written. The last film said Batman disappeared for 8 years but, suddenly, he was busy "confronting" Superman instead?

    At least keep the story straight.

    1. Nolan's Dark Knight Batman is not the same Batman that is in this universe, from my understanding. Man of Steel Re-booted the DC movieverse for the upcoming Justice League film. Still, this is the worst choice for Batman, ever.

  3. I will give you that he has many stinkers, Reindeer Games, Daredevil, Gigli to name a few but Good Will Hunting and The Town were good. Does that include the films he has directed? He has directed some good movies, Gone Baby Gone is my favorite of the bunch. Just curious.

    PS: Matt Da-mon would make an awesome Robin!!! ;-)

  4. I generally like Ben Affleck... if not so much his choice of movies. Having him as Batman doesn't grate on me much.
    That said, I'd MUCH rather seem him playing in a revamp of the camp version from the 60s.

  5. Seems this is Afflecks attempt to "Iron Man" his career. As Iron Man is to Robert Downy Jr., so Ben Affleck to Batman?

    I don't hate the man, and I know he's a comic dork...but I can't get that goofy acting style out of my head...