Make Gorgonmilk a CHAMPIONS 1st ed Retroclone

I will pay you in undying love and admiration.


  1. LOVED that game; my group played all through high school and ran an extended campaign through early undergrad.

    I keep wanting to break it out again. Too many good games; too little time. ;)

  2. Were there significant differences between the first three editions of Champions? I'm familiar with the 3rd and 4th editions and know things changed a lot between the two. Suggested name: Challengers.

  3. Afraid I can't that one was someone else's game. I think I still have the rule book to Justice Inc. around though. I always preferred the pulps to comics.

  4. Here is my crack at it utilizing Scott Malthouse's USR rules-lite system; http://vanishingtower.blogspot.com/2012_10_01_archive.html

  5. I played this in 84 was only $5 bucks and lotsa copies at game store - V&V and australian V&V clone was out and all big - 85 found tsr marvel game and came to prefer fairly maths and dice free game, but elements of every game ever since have had elements from this book my first superhero rpg - quality company with interesting products for many years i have never had an ill feeling towards - i think super squadron was oz supers game if i see again i will nab one

  6. superworld is this clumsily bolted onto basic role playing engine by steve perrin for chaosium - i also played this for years and cthulhy provided years of monsters - actually my first cthulhu encounter - i posted some badly formatted notes i saved off a 3.5 amiga floppy recently - from first year of a 20 year superhero campaign that started with the above book

    1. aside from there was nothing clumsy about Superworld; it flowed quite well. did you actually play it? most insults of this type seem to come from one judging a game one did not play, like "gurps can't do super heroes." b.s. through and through.

      Champions, Champions II, Champions III are all one will ever need for a lifetime of super hero fun. or 4th edition.

  7. I think I played Champions 1st edition far more than D&D back in the day.
    Bought a copy of the 4th edition rulebook a few weeks ago. I'd love to get back into that glorious, crunchy combat again.